Aerobar Computer Mount for Garmin Edge

Update April 2013: There is an improved version of this custom Aerobar Computer Mount – please read this post for more details.

There are several options to mount a Garmin Edge cycling computer on a standard road bike. However, on a triathlon bike, things are not that easy. You could mount the computer on your stem – however, this option is not compatible with bottles mounted between the arms which is the most aerodynamic solution. Another option would be to mount the computer on one of the extensions. Yet, this would be a poor choice in terms of visibility. There is a quite exhaustive thread in the Slowtwitch forum which discusses several options and custom made solutions. I want to share mine ;-).

I took a carbon fiber plate and marked an octagon shape on it.

This was put into a standard bench vice.

The easiest method to cut straight lines into carbon fiber is to use a Proxxon / Dremel machine with a cutting wheel.

In approximately three minutes, the cuts were made.

The next step was to drill two holes each on the left and the right side to accomodate the cable ties.

Afterwards, I took a standard Garmin Bike Mount. However, the extensions of the mount to fit the rubber ties are somewhat redundant.

So I removed them, again with the Proxxon and a cutting wheel.

The result after a couple of minutes – pretty slick.

The trimmed down Garmin Mount will be glued on the carbon fibre plate.

The final mount after gluing.

Mounted between the shifters at the front end of the extensions using two cable ties.

And with my Garmin Edge 500 placed in the mount.

Just on one level with the top end of the extensions.

The weight of the bike mount including the cable ties is just 1g more than the standard Garmin mount including the rubber ties.

In total, it took me about 60 minutes to build the computer mount and I am confident that this is going to be a durable and well working solution.

3 thoughts on “Aerobar Computer Mount for Garmin Edge

  1. Hi Frank,

    Nice job… but I have a question? What kind of glue did you use to mount the Garmin holder onto the carbon plate? I can imagine it should be super-glue for 100% fixation.


    P.s. I really like your website. 🙂

    • Hi Martin,

      thanks for the compliments ;-).

      In my first and second attempt to bond the Garmin holder to the carbon plate, I used a 2-component epoxy glue. That did not work out well. The plastic used to manufacture the Garmin holder seems to be of a kind that does not bond well with epoxy glue. As a result, even though the carbon plate is rather stiff, the little flex it has was sufficient to break the bond. Fortunately, this already occurred while I was testing and not on the street at 35 km/h ;-).

      My third (and successful!) attempt was to use double sided tape which originally was meant to glue carpets to the floor. This solution works pretty well and did not let me down so far.

      I am currently working on an improved version of the mount which uses four zip ties instead of two and doesn’t need the original Garmin computer mount any more. More details soon ;-).

      All the best,


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